Crypt of the Everflame

Entering the Crypt

With an almighty shove, Belagore forced the door to the crypt open and stepped through into the darkness. The adventurers readied their lights and cautiously eased their way into the crypt. They found themselves in a long chamber with stairs up to shoulder height platforms on either side. In the centre were two bodies, whilst a load of bones were strewn across the south wall of the chamber. Belgore and Daniel examined the bodies and found them to be human, probably of a similar age to the horses outside. As they moved over to examine the bones, they suddenly reformed themselves into six undead skeletons. The group fought hard and well against their foes and Karyn’s channeling of positive energy almost brought all the skeletons to their knees. It wasn’t long before they were back, as piles of bones, on the floor again. A quick search of the room turned up some backpacks, with pillows and blunted arrows. The party had no idea what pillows might be needed for in a crypt, but determined that they would take it, for a better night’s sleep.

Belagore pushed on towards the north-west door of the chamber as a voice boomed, “Magic is the key” and led the group into a room with a fountain, shaped like Kassen and a pool beneath it. They managed to determine, through clever use of a pot, rope and a light spell, that the pool was about 40ft deep and the bottom was covered with keys.

They decided to leave the exploration of the pool there for now and examined the doors to the south. Of the two, the easternmost one was clearly locked, whilst the westernmost one was open and led to a long corridor, lined with pairs of statues of Kassen, holding swords. Strangely, the first two pairs of swords were wrapped in leather, although the others were as sharp as any real sword! Belagore told the others to wait and took his pot out again, rolling down the corridor. As it reached the third pair of statues, all the blades swung down into the corridor. Unfortunately now, Belagore’s faithful pot was at the other end of the corridor… Rather than explore further this way just yet, the party decided to move on, back to the first room and explore the south easterly door in it.

This door led into what appeared to be a maze. Daniel found a switch in one of the alcoves, just before there was a yelp from Belagore and he seemed to disappear. In fact he had fallen down a pit, padded with a pillow! He was unhurt (apart from possibly his pride) and the party decided to use some brooms at the entrance to the room to scour the room for pits, traps and switches. In one of the pits, Belagore found a sack with a clue to how to open the door to the south – pull the switches together. Belagore, Karyn and Tyana pulled the switches simultaneously, while Daniel jammed the door open and they were into a corridor going east to west.

After exploring the corridor in different directions to find the doors that ended it, the party decided to focus on the door a distressing wailing was coming from. Daniel tried to open the door using a crowbar, but after a sudden silence, he was shot in the shoulder with a crossbow bolt for his efforts. Belagore took over and pulled all his strength together in a way only barbarians can.. two more bolts sailed past him as he tried to open the door, but eventually he was through. Inside was a cowardly looking man, mumbling something about “the bones”. Karyn and Daniel managed to calm him down gently, although Belagore was still concerned about the crossbow. He was very confused, but eventually the party managed to glean that a few townsfolk had been preparing the crypt for their arrival, putting pillows in the pits and leather on the swords, to make it safer for them. They also discovered that the man was called Roldare and his sister was missing, taken by the bones. He told them to take his crossbow, when they agreed to rescue his sister as well as that they would need “the shields and the keys”.

They all rested in this small room overnight without event, before continuing back on their adventure. They went back to the room with the pool, where Tyana went for a swim to find the key at the bottom that Roldare seemed to think they needed. She was gone just over a minute before she rejoined the others on the surface, looking triumphant.

Belagore tried the key in the door to the southeast, but with no luck. He wove his way down past the statues (on the way collecting his trusty pot) to the door in the south of the corridor and discovered it was unlocked. Belagore pocketed the key and gently opened the door…


Another great recap. Also, the Everflame story is quite impressive. I especially like the part about the townsfolk trying to make everything scary yet safe for the young explorers — yet unexpectedly, real evil has foiled their plans and made the situation all too deadly.

Entering the Crypt

Thanks. :) I think that’s one of the reasons I wanted to run it, because the basic dungeon crawl had a bit of a twist to it.

Entering the Crypt

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