Crypt of the Everflame

The Keys and the Shields

The door opened into a large chamber, built on two levels. ON the further, lower, level stood a wooden statue, holding two large shields. Perhaps these were the shields that Roldare mentioned?

Belagore headed down to examine the statue, but as soon as he set foot next it, it turned towards him and began to attack! The stairs changed to ramps, as battle began. Belagore noticed a small keyhole in the back of the statue and proceeded to wrestle with it, to try to force the key in, but to no avail. It was a furious battle that saw Karyn’s healing skills in much demand as the huge golem bashed its way into Belagore and Daniel repeatedly. Eventually, Belagore’s fury took hold and he rampaged, causing massive damage to the statue. Finally, the group were left with a pile of wood and two tower shields for their efforts.

After the fierce battle, the party realised they needed to rest and deal with their wounds, but finding a secure location proved difficult. A quick exploration of the area revealed a large bug in a neighbouring room. Before pressing on with that, the party found their way to a room full of gifts , laid on specifically for the party. Each had a labelled parcel with a few treasures, each tailored to the individual and designed to make the dangerous of the dungeon that little bit safer for them.

After stowing their new-found goodies, the party pressed on to deal with the bug in the adjoining room. It was quickly slain, without too much damage to the party and Tyana and Belagore decided to examine the remains of it and its nest. They found nothing except for a gloopy mess, which made them smell for a while after!

The group continued to explore the southern end of the crypt, finding a smokey chamber with the remains of a fire and a shadow creature, risen up from a corpse. At first it seemed like they could not defeat the shadow, as it drained huge amounts of Daniel’s energy, but Belagore realised that the oil of magic weapon could help them and after applying it to his sword, was able to defeat the shadow, again using the full might of his rage.

After the battle was over, in the remains of the fire, the adventurers found a key and a fine magical dagger, which they pocketed before pressing on yet again, keen to rescue Roldare’s sister from whatever danger she might be facing.

They headed back to the room with the fountain, trying the key in the other door, with success! They found themselves in a room depicting the final battle of Kassen against his mercenary foes, noting that the amulets the two enemies wore were very similar.

Moving further south they found a circular room, trapped with a pillar of arrows, firing towards them, Belagore and Daniel (still weak from his ordeal) held up the tower shields and Belagore explored the room. At first, the southern door wouldn’t open, but after a minute or so, the pillar ran out of arrows and the door clicked open…


It’s impossible to forget anything important with these comprehensive recaps. :)

The Keys and the Shields

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