Crypt of the Everflame

The Adventure Begins

Journey to the Crypt

After receiving a letter from the Mayor of Kassen, four young adventurers (Karyn, Tyana, Belagore and Daniel) arrived in the town square to await their sending off. As the crowd among them grew, they felt nervous but excited about the challenges that might await them ahead. They accepted the lantern with which they would bring back the Everflame from Kassen’s tomb, alongside some provisions to help them on their way.

At last the group set off, ready to face whatever challenges might lie ahead. A few hours into the woods, the party were set upon by three orcs, who ferociously attacked Belagore and left him bleeding profusely before the other managed the defeat them. As soon as they were defeated, their bodies vanished and no trace of their fight remained – even Belagore’s wounds were healed. Was it just a simple prank played by the villagers in the spirit of the quest or was it a more serious threat to the party’s safety…?

Later that night after they had found camp, it became clear that the party were not alone. A distant howling could be heard through the trees and soon Daniel and Tyana spotted a solitary wolf in the woods. As soon as it was spotted, it was gone into the night, but not long after, when the party had gone to sleep, the wolf returned with its pack. Karyn, who was taking first watch, shouted for the others to wake up, although the wolves dived straight into the attack. A flurry of blows later and the wolves were lying dead at the group’s feet.

The rest of the night passed quietly and the next morning the party felt well rested and ready to continue on their journey. A few hours of walking took them to the banks of a great lake, where they spotted a form on its banks. Closer inspection revealed this to be a human corpse, attacked by a large predator. The party chose to cremated the body, rather than leave it for the animals and a pyre was built and funeral rites said, before the party moved on.

Further into the woods again and the party came across the final challenge before the crypt itself: a vast ravine, covered in moss, bushes and rocks and slippery underfoot. Daniel struggled down the climb, slipping and sliding down, followed by a more steady Karyn and Tyana and finally Belagore.

Finally, they had found it! The entrance to the crypt was in front of them, but also there was the remains of several horses, lying dead on the ground before them. Belagore found more useful supplies and distributed them among the party, before the adventurers moved on towards the doors that would let them into the crypt and search for the Everflame.


Great summary and recap! Thanks for taking the time to write it.

The Adventure Begins

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